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Welcome to ACCUPLACER Practice Test, the best website for free Accuplacer practice questions. All of our online practice tests have been fully updated for the 2024 Next-Generation ACCUPLACER. Choose a topic from the list below to get started with your test prep right now.


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Accuplacer Practice Test 1




Algebra & Stats

Advanced Algebra

WritePlacer Essay


Accuplacer Practice Test 2

Reading | 2

Writing | 2

Arithmetic | 2

Algebra & Stats | 2

Advanced Algebra | 2


The ACCUPLACER Test is a college placement test that is administered by the College Board. It is used by over 1,500 institutions as part of the enrollment process. The purpose of the test is to identify strengths as well as weaknesses in a variety of subject areas. Colleges and technical schools will use the results of this test, along with your goals and academic background, to place you in courses that are appropriate for you.

All of the questions on the ACCUPLACER Test are multiple choice, except for the WritePlacer essay question. The test is computer-adaptive, which means that the questions change based on your skill level. Your response to each question determines the difficulty of the next question. This means that if you are answering a lot of questions correctly, you will begin getting harder questions. With this type of test, it’s very important to think about each question carefully before selecting your answer.

These are the components of the test:

  • Reading (20 Questions)
  • Writing (25 Questions)
  • Arithmetic (20 Questions)
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics (20 Questions)
  • Advanced Algebra & Functions (20 Questions)
  • WritePlacer (1 Written Essay)

There is no time limit on any of the tests.

The Reading questions test your comprehension skill as well as your ability to understand the meanings of words in context. The Writing questions measure your ability to edit and revise passages of text, with a focus on sentence structure, word usage, and punctuation.

There are 3 math tests: Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning, and Advanced Algebra. You will definitely want to review all of these topics to ensure that you remember how to solve these types of problems. As you work through each ACCUPLACER math practice test, pay attention to the questions that you get wrong and make sure you spend extra time studying these topics.

The WritePlacer written essay measures your ability to write effectively. You will be given an essay prompt, and you will need to write a multiple-paragraph essay of about 300–600 words. You will be graded on these 5 characteristics: Focus, Organization, Development & Support, Sentence Structure, and Mechanical Conventions.

Your score can definitely benefit from test prep! Start your review right now with our free ACCUPLACER practice test.

Why Should You Prepare for the Accuplacer Test?

The purpose of the Accuplacer Placement Test is to assess your grasp of the math and language concepts you learned over the course of your four years in high school. The results of your placement exam will indicate what level courses you will be required to take. If you receive a low score, you may find yourself in remedial math or English, relearning materials you covered in high school.

Preparing with TestPrep-Online’s Accuplacer Practice Pack will save you the time and money that you would otherwise spend on remedial level classes. This is a great option if you simply need a refresher to review the material and understand the types of questions you will likely face on the actual test.